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What?? posters on an apple based forum not wanting to buy a Dell? Really? tell me it isnt so
why carry a connector when its on the unit?
The facts are that most people use the same headphones they have whether the product is poor or not. There are many options to purchase additional headphones, yet most are unwilling to send additional money. Just as most are unwlling to spend additional money on a Mac. The number of options does not change this no matter how you try and swing it.
No, its not a false statement or comparison. Thanks.
Yeah Windows PC's are so crap that they are probably the most popular ones out there, why do I see so many people with them, I mean can't they tell they are using something inferior, why not go buy something better
its purdy but not overly shiney... Ultimately, apple are hoping to catch people with the halo effect from their wider product range. Cant afford a nano/touch, get a shuffle. Sure you will have to spend more ($$ to apple) to actually get a product that isnt limited by their cheap ear buds, but at least most who are wanting the symbol will keep the white headphones, right? But for the gadget guys, the new shuffle is limited. Which is ok by for the ipod business...
While its nice to show all of the SKU's, what is their current availability? taking in account the geoographical limitations, and other aspects that have already been released to the public. Ultimately there are one or two options to the typical consumer, and most will purchase what came with their box.
That would ultimately depend on their margin... and we all know that it is not small.
As far as I can tell, there is also the eeebox in the EPA Energystar database. Does the mac mini with its fancier GPU and larger CPU really use less energy than an eeebox with a 1.6 atom and intel GPU?
THe prices in NZ are unfortuantely being influenced by teh exchange rate issues. We appear to win slightly in our favour. The 20" iMac comes out at 2499$ retail, and using the latest currency exchange off my ipod plus adding tax, comes out at $2712 The last entry level position for the iMac (2.4/20") was around 1899, so its a fairly significant increase. THe old mini was ~950 for the 1,83ghz intro model. The new intro model using hte exchange rate should be...
New Posts  All Forums: