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  A generic faq is not Googles contract with Apple
  A feature google wanted reimbursed for.  That not treating htem as second class citizens.  Thats apple not wanting to pay google for that feature.
  You said "If you look at Google's commercial contracts for Maps and Street View"     I would like to, as you said, lookat the commercial contracts.  otherwise, you are stating something with no supporting evidence.  So perhaps you should quit being a dick, and support a claim?
  can you provide the commerical contracts between Google and Apple? thnks
  Once again.  In what way.  the desire to charge for their features? or the apple created app that used google maps API's?
  Seeing googles contract with Apple has nother year running, what money have they stopped making?
  You mean google treated iOS users like crap because of apples inbuilt app that used googles data?  or the desire to charge for use of specific features?
  1) connector is a valid annoyance, but you can choose not to purchase one.  Of course not a great proposition for apple. 2) scratches are a valid complaint.  Bring it back and exchange may be a valid option for those with apple stores close, but typically what you mean is a) ring apple b) await return clearance c) get postage packing d) send back e) await new gadget and hope its the same way.  It would be nice if apple moved on in design, by creating one that is better...
Reports from who?   The thing is not even out.  even the apple store couldnt tell me any of the details regarding hte screen, or even when they would get it.
  My town has no transit directions for anything anyway, but last week I was in a major city.  I had both google maps, and the cities transit app.  Google was better.     But its not the USA, which is Apples home, rather than outside of USA, which where apples major markets are.
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