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  My town has no transit directions for anything anyway, but last week I was in a major city.  I had both google maps, and the cities transit app.  Google was better.     But its not the USA, which is Apples home, rather than outside of USA, which where apples major markets are.
  absolutely and utterly irrelevant.  AS irrelevant as those calling for leniency on WP7 because iphone 1 was not perfect out of the box.     Apple are not competing with google maps 1.0 (or 0.7 as hte case may be) They are competing with google maps now, and in going to their underdeveloped database, they have provided their customers a lower quality product.  Sure, some time in the future, it may be a magical experience, up to the level we expect from apple.  But hopes...
  full. stop.
Apples markets outside of the USA are growing rapidly. Most issues with their maps app is outside of the USA. Your 90/10 may not be quite right under this situation.
Why does grub ears opinion matterOr mossbergOr topolskyOr who ever?
  its because the author is fudging the data.  6.5% are 'large' sized screens and above.   However, the distinction of large = >4"  but its a little nit more complicated than taht.  Android devices of normal size include those from 3-4.3/4.5"  when combining those into the equation, thats 97% of the android population.  hw many are actually over 4" is anyones guess.  
at least i can put this pointles app in a folder.  unlike news stand
  Can you link to the origonal claims from samung?  can never recall them giving US sales figures, or any sale figures.  
  Irrelevant to the end user.   Apples built in software, so they wear the blame.   But good to know that the advantage of the upgrade is that people get to preplan on an alternative device.
  Nothing like spending 50k on a BMW to be told to invest in connector thtat doesnt allow same functionality.   Score.
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