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Same old song and dance. iPhone is going to catch up now, sure. I remember when Android had minimal market share and iOS was king. I didn't see anyone predicting android would grow so fast, to the point of outselling iphone 3 to 1. All I saw were predictions, one after another, that android growth would stall and iPhone would surge ahead with its new release. That didn't happen last year and surely will not happen this year. Could happen next year though! Google's...
Maybe I'm too far out of the loop, but didn't think there were alternatives to the app store for buying media from the device. I realize you can shoehorn music and movies, that's true.
My original statement was, 'never become entrenched' which led to further discussion. Buying into an ecosystem carries inherent risk, the kind that large organizations take steps to avoid. Consumers are rarely in a position to secure their investment and are at the mercy of the vendor. The more you buy in, the worse your position is, the better the 'elegant solutions' look. I admit apple offers elegant solutions, but what drives me away is the all-or-nothing approach with...
I've got imac that's a few years old. Whether I use it or a pc in the other room, I don't really think about the OS. I like the mighty mouse scrolling better though. I recommended an imac and later an ipad to my mother in law. She loves them. I used to warn PC users about viruses too. Just like with Macs, you have to think before you click.
I was a loyal Apple fan and customer from 1994-2007 or so. I never found any particular simplicity with any of their products in comparison to others. OSX and ipod touch presented just as many challenges. The design is cleaner, however and industrial design is sleeker. They make great products, but I have never felt compelled to buy all products from them. Making a purchasing decision based on the company offering it and before it is released is a foreign concept. Never...
Really? You think they have that kind of brand recognition? Hmm. maybe I have an iPad2, but didn't choose it because of who made it or for the ecosystem. It was simply the best there was. My other gadgets (phone, internet TV box, laptop) aren't made by Apple, but for me they are the best or were at the time I bought them. It's not inconvenient to have products made by different companies even though most would have us believe otherwise. It would be very hard for one...
My best advice to friends is, "never become entrenched". Once you start choosing products and services based solely on the brand name, you are done. Always judge each individually on its own merit. The more expensive option will always appear simple, but by no means does that make it the best.
I don't understand why apple customers continually applaud apple for taking a greater proportion of their money.
Especially conservative now since they missed their estimates last quarter.
Does this mean more consumers will flock to the one that costs more? A certain percentage always will. Those with stature are compelled.
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