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If I'm reading this right, this story is unbiased. Cheers AI!!!
What she is saying is the old adage, 'the best camera is the one you have with you'. The iPhone is an excellent choice, but this was not a discussion of which phone offers the best camera. It was about photography in general. The quality improvements in the last two years are allowing people who otherwise would never own a camera to finally capture reasonable images. If Apple wants to claim a product endorsement, that's ok, but I believe she was crediting a class of devices.
The extra 50% would further drive R&D, bonuses, dividends, etc. I was a Mac loyalist/customer from 94 to 07 spending more to get the best. It made the purchasing decision easier until one day (I think around the time the iOS/itunes walls went up) it seemed I could do better by going with the best alternative product. I don't go for the low end, but spend about the same money up front and prefer the Android user experience, the choices and the relative freedom in purchasing...
No, market share does matter. Mind you, this is not a case of Android edging out Apple by slim margin. There were three times as many Android devices sold; 60 million vs 20 million. It's a different strategy and it seems to be working. It doesn't mean Apple's strategy is bad, just different.Every time Android adoption is shown to be accelerating, people make excuses about how it's short lived, but it keeps growing and leaving Apple further behind in market share. What does...
There you go again, starting off with excuses. Even if Apple made a 'plethora' of devices, they still wouldn't match sales of android devices.
The equivalent of taking their football and going home. and by the way, I love the headlines you guys come up with. They all read the same, as if at the end of each one it states "doesn't matter, Apple is still better".
I applaud carriers for rejecting Apple's terms. The result of acceptance is increased costs for ALL subscribers. What would be great is if the Big 3 (or 4, 5, 6) US carriers came together and negotiated common terms in the best interest of all carriers and consumers. I guess it made sense financially for US Cellular. Looking at platform growth, why lay out cash for something with a slower adoption rate?
Should have added the word 'Superior' to the first sentence. "... gives it a lower pixel density and poorer color accuracy than Apple's Superior Retina Display without that, it just sounds boring.
The enterprise is still a very Windows-dominated world, for better or for worse. Windows 8 tablets may take a year to come around and when they do, their numbers will surpass iPad and Android tablets combined within months. In the consumer market, I see more of a battle for top spot.
Headlines are comical, so buttery toward apple. It's funny, which is good, but hurts credibility and legitimacy.
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