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Whew! I'm glad they erased the malware. Won't have to worry about that again.
It may take 2 to 3 years before a real backlash occurs, but it may be more gradual than sudden. As the magazine industry assesses casualties and realizes its place comparing apple against the rest, slowly, one by one, publishers will tell Steve Jobs to go sharpen his pencil.
A comparison between a 3Gs at $49 and two hand-picked devices being sold for $199 doesn't mean much. Used 2008 Honda Accords outsell 2011 Mazda 6's. No argument. One would think that selling older iphones real cheap would help to regain the lead, but it isn't working. Why? because there still is very little choice in the iOS phone market. I believe if apple offered 'another model or two' to its line, they would enjoy more growth to the detriment of Android, versus what...
Apple's locked down model works well for many, those who know no different or lack the ambition to see their device's full potential. Also perfect for parents to hand to their kids to protect them from themselves. The rest of the world is free to remove the restrictions... and without any moral dilemma.
Why did Apple make the request in the first place? I think it's because they fear the impact of a big company legitimately offering an ios app through an alternate channel. Others may follow! You can be sure that the app will soon be available through the appstore, only slightly modified, as a result of the 'agreement'.
It's somewhat of an embarrassment for Verizon and slightly less so for Apple when sales pale in comparison to what AT&T has done. That's where the bar is set. All along, Verizon has been bragging about their network and were probably confident about stealing AT&T customers, but it doesn't appear that is happening. My guess would be that less than 0.5% of AT&T iphone users defected. Verizon has yet to announce any sales figures, which is a pretty sure sign of a...
No, there was no 'sell out'. They simply stopped pre-sales and most sales were in the first two hours. It was a 'take away' to build hype. Then they put out a story saying they were predicting 'unprecedented demand' urging employees not to buy iphones, all-the-while there was plenty of stock including now. My only point: it was a relative disappointment for Verizon and Apple. They were surely hoping for a blockbuster and nothing of the sort happened.
The story here is the non-event and it's hard to draw readers without something to report. While the iphone is a very good product and the best selling single device, it's just one of many highly competitive devices. Nowadays, it's just a product release whereas previously, Apple and ATT had the mojo to get people to line up. The fact that Verizon is not disclosing sales figures is further indication of disappointment. The summer release should be closer to what we...
Hey, can Verizon employees buy an iphone yet?
They aren't saying how many. Why? because it's an unimpressive number and I'm sure this was the planned response in an attempt to generate hype. Why would they not accept more pre-orders when they claim there will be stock in a week. Makes no sense other than an attempt to inflate demand.
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