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No, sorry, I meant in the first week or two.
I'll stick my neck out and predict a lack of pent up demand... This week the media will seek ways to generate hype around the Verizon iphone while next week it quickly fades. The story will be 'the non-event'. Verizon/Apple won't disclose lackluster iphone sales for several weeks while attention is diverted toward ipad 2. Reasons being: the iphone is not new, Verizon has successfully penetrated the smartphone market, vast majority are still on contact (on all carriers),...
I thought I read Q2, you may be right though. In any case, the article is forward looking, but stops at one month glossing over the announced products. There are four of them. Let's not pretend they aren't there. Maybe a follow up article, huh. vaporware?
This phone absolutely rocks. Question is, will Apple copy its functionality. We know they don't like copying. Might there be a 'Dumipad' with an iphone dock on the back?? I predicted this six months ago, still waiting.
Right, I'm with you... actually I'd say this article is targeted at AppleInsider readers, as it should be, who have long since made up their minds which way they are going to go. It's a feel-good story, mostly :-). I used to think readers were 95% ios, but not so sure any more, based on comments. As for upcoming Android LTE phones, I've seen preliminary data adequate for use here. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/01/10...-phone-lineup/ We know these 4 (Motorola, HTC,...
Oh I'm saying smartphone sales during the year will be 4 iphones for every 6 android phones, leaving RIM etc out of the equation.
In my opinion, an article of this length should touch on 'announced' upcoming releases.
Well written and took a lot of time, but misses in a few areas. It also appears to be painting a rosy picture for Apple focusing on android's weaknesses. Remember, Android is experiencing phenomenal growth while ios is not. As stated in comments above, the post discusses what's coming from Apple, but ignores upcoming Android releases. Will a Verizon release help ios numbers? Sure. Will it turn the tide? Absolutely not. In 2011, I predict Verizon will sell 40% iphone vs...
Not sure the distinction is pointless, but it's a lot like 4 guys living in tract homes in a middle class neighborhood all claiming to have the best house when, to everyone else, they are all pretty much the same. In my opinion, Verizon has a bigger lot, more upgrades and now new appliances so it gets more looks and chosen more often.
#6. 4" display without any marked increase in form factor. I think the time has come!
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