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This question would be valid except that when Android became available on ATT, the target smartphone demographic had already left ATT or bought an iphone, most becoming happy owners. Many iphone owners will move to Verizon and many upgraders on Verizon will choose an iPhone. My point, however, is that we will not see a reversal in the trend over the next six months. My prediction is that Android will maintain faster quarterly growth... not for reasons of user interface,...
This has been the story all along. Android was the late comer to the party. Now the reverse is true, to the surprise of many. I think Apple might consider "one size fits all" may not carry them through or that depriving one carrier to earn a bigger kick back from another may not be viable long term.
All it means is that the ios platform is not the most popular amongst smartphone owners. Apple's client base has always been a niche market until the iphone came along and then they made billions. Now they can go back to making a high end niche product and earn record profits from loyalists. I think it's a winning formula. On Galaxy S, Samsung also has a winning formula and it's a win-win in a growing market.
If apple developed other form factors, they would be in the clear then? Sounds easy
I think you will be surprised at how little the Verizon iphone affects the trend.
I'm in this group having owned Macs for the last 15 years using them at home while using PCs at work in the IT and information security fields. Macs are built well and marketed well, but they also cost more. I never minded paying a little more feeling like it was worth it, but in the last year or two the luster has worn off. I recently found my four year old imac needed to be updated and couldn't see spending $1k+ so I found a Windows 7 box for $500 and it's fast, has a...
Very well put. The crazy policies are what drove me away and toward Android... and ultimately away from all other apple products. For 15 years I was a strong proponent, an evangelist, but no longer. I still follow apple news and I think policies will gradually change as they have to a point where the attraction comes back.
The next few quarters will be interesting. For Verizon, I'd expect 5-10% attrition (android to iphone) over six months.
You're right, the point of this post is that Android activations have grown by only 8% since August. He is comparing current Android activations with old IOS stats from September. The most current numbers I have found for IOS, the Neilsen link, show IOS in decline while Android shows strong growth. So, this post leaves the unwitting reader with the impression that IOS is growing faster and this is simply not the case based on the last study. Without a new study, it's hard...
IOS market percentage has leveled off. No argument there, but the rest sounds like a lot of extrapolation. Last I heard Android was still growing fast in terms of percentage of new smartphone sales. http://mashable.com/2010/11/02/iphone-android-nielsen/ If the overall smartphone market growth is leveling off, the Android numbers would make sense, but then IOS would show a steeper decline.
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