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Icy, are you a MobileMe subscriber? or are you just syncing music, photos and video straight across usb?You don't have to have windows to use android. I have a mac and android phone. It syncs photos and video with Picasa over the air for free. Music sync isn't as s fluid as itunes however.
GV allows you to make calls using the standard dialer/phonebook and shows your caller ID. There is a robust suite of call control options. It allows you to send/rcv sms with the same number without an sms plan from the carrier. This is seamless integration. There is no iphone app that does this. GV gives you control of your incoming calls before they hit the carrier network. Forwarding calls somewhere does not use minutes. You no longer have to port your number when...
You wouldn't buy a Droid if you needed to make calls in Europe, but I suppose you could make skype calls over wifi or using Sipdroid may be cheaper.
No, I'm saying that by restricting apps like GV force the customer to pay a higher monthly rate. I haven't investigated app pricing, but I've spent less than $5 on my ipod touch, droid and blackberries combined. (wait, I bought vlingo on bb, paid $18, crazy I know)
Beejive is great. You're right. It's pretty clear that the iPhone will be on Verizon this summer, if I'm not being overly optimistic. It will be very interesting to see what other changes come to the ecosystem. Android is the greatest threat and continues to grow, but competition is good for us all. I look forward to apple laying down something irresistible.
Apple's chosen path of restricting apps leads directly to higher cost for consumers relative to all other handset makers.
To the contrary. Latitude is the bomb. It's not something you actively use like a game or email, it's most useful for me when I'm curious to know where one of my latitude buddies is, like if we're planning to meet. I don't have to call or text, I just see where they are. Other than that, it's great during that 'dead time' at the dentist, etc. I find it pretty entertaining now with about 12 friends in my list to go thru them all and watch the map fly around. I'd say I use...
He raises many valid points, sure, but when he goes into 'designer vs coder', as if no one in silicon valley except apple employees can create well designed products, my eyes start to roll. iphone OS is more polished, it's more developed, yes it is. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it doesn't compensate for the restrictions and high cost.
Solip, Can I ask if you have ever owned an android device or spent any reasonable amount of time with a Droid or Nexus One? Not trying to come across like jerk, just curious. Looking at the facebook apps on either platform, I would agree the iphone version is further developed. Can't say the same for Twitterific or Twitterfon. Maybe I need a pay app? I'm just as happy with Twidroid or Swift on Android.
Yea, you're right, they aren't as straight when going slow. Must be a difference in the averaging.
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