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I did a factory restore on my iPad2 but then restored back to the current backup. No change. Should I have left it at the factory settings and not done the restore to my last saved backup? It seems the problem would be more with my ATV2 because I can airplay music from this ipad to an airport express that's connected to a sound system. The ATV2 still ONLY shows a subcategory of "Airtunes" under the settings tab and no "Airplay". Thanks!
I attempted to Airplay video from my iPad 2 to my Apple TV 2. Under settings there is NO "Airplay" option, only Airtunes. I reset my Apple TV2 to factory then did all available updates. My iPad 2 is running the latest OS. I can airplay from my iPad 2 to a local airport express w/o problem. Both devices are clearly on the same network. The Apple TV 2 simply doesnt show up on my list of devices to play to from my iPad 2. I've gone thru all the apple website...
Somehow I screwed up the location of the menu bar drop down for iChat that is located in the menu bar. Used to be when I clicked on the icon in the menu bar to either launch or to select away messages the menu would drop down DIRECTLY below the menu icon. Now when I select it the menu drops down all the way to the left instead of below the icon on the right side. This does not occur for any of the other items in the menu bar. I have tried removing it from the...
I need to figure out how to bring in a video file from a small DVD disc shot on a Sony Handy Cam 105. There is no way to connect via USB or firewire. The files are in a .VOB format. I need to someow get it into iMovieHD (iLife'06) for editing. Any suggestions? I did have a functioning Formac TV tuner that also allowed the video cable connections but that is defunct. Any help/suggestions are appreciated!
I have previously had my Brother HL-5140 connected to my Airport Extreme base which is connected to a router then to cable. I have set up printing in the past from my G5 running 10.4 without problems. I also have an ethernet connection from an iMac G5 and an airport connect to a G4 iMac. Up until recently they all would print to the brother. Suddenly the print list shows no printer. When I go to add there is no way to add the printer. My understranding is it is...
I have a dual 2.5 G5. Any suggestions on the best audio input device as far as microphones go? I have an older pie shaped microphone that used to come with the macs but it doesnt seem to fit the mic line-in jack. I saw the USB solution on apples web site from logitech. Any other recommendations? Thanks.
I have done all the upgrades and have QT 6.4 pro. I have noticed now that certain files wont play on QT. I get an error saying that "the required compressor could not be found". Can someone help? A few are MPEGS but the current need is to get an .avi file to play. Thanks!
I have an iMac with the superdrive. It just seems ludicrous that you can't obtain iDVD3 unless you purchase iLife, because obviously the other 3 comments to iLife are what I have and what I get upgrades for..for free. Why the heck dont they just offer iDVD3 for sale independently. This SO makes a person wanna find ways to obtain warez...ya know?
I download video from my GL1, edit in iMovie and then when attempting to export to iDVD it tells me I need iDVD3. I have installed every Mac OS update yet there doesnt seem to be an iDVD update. Is there a way to burn a DVD with out having to buy iLife? Can I get iDVD3 without having to buy the others(which I already have as upgrades)?
several points....yes they have the extension MP3 on the end but I have imported multiple ones that dont and it still worked. Also, I cant even find the iMovie preferences.......where are they? Doesnt make sense though that this would work since the vast majority of the MP3's I have will import. I also checked settings.....nothign there to alter. Finally....I tried updating the ID3 tags too through iTunes....still no luck. I am very baffled. Any good sites...
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