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No new Mac mini No new iMac No new MacBook Pro We did get a refreshed MacBook Air and an all new Mac Pro but the others are from 2013
Why did they change the UI? I don't like the floating field UI. Couldn't they keep the current UI? Will I be able to use it when I'm running a fullscreen app without having to switch to the desktop?
I don't want a large iPhone. Will it hurt Apple if they offered two sizes? 4" and 5"? I don't want a larger iPhone but I would still get it over anything else.
creator? which one?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deities
I wish Apple would update the Keynote Remote app.
Why didn't Apple use the A7 in the iPhone 5c? How much more expensive would it have been?
Of course not. I think in Japanese law you need to have about 33% to have a say in the company's decisions.
Apple would just have to make a larger investment in Sharp
The 13" would make a great deal of sense if it had discrete GPUs, I'm not in a rush to buy I hope by 2014 with Broadwell out the graphics improvements would negate the need for a discrete GPU.
I hope DoCoMo loses more, they shouldn't have refused the iPhone.
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