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I don't want a large iPhone. Will it hurt Apple if they offered two sizes? 4" and 5"? I don't want a larger iPhone but I would still get it over anything else.
creator? which one?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deities
I wish Apple would update the Keynote Remote app.
Why didn't Apple use the A7 in the iPhone 5c? How much more expensive would it have been?
Of course not. I think in Japanese law you need to have about 33% to have a say in the company's decisions.
Apple would just have to make a larger investment in Sharp
The 13" would make a great deal of sense if it had discrete GPUs, I'm not in a rush to buy I hope by 2014 with Broadwell out the graphics improvements would negate the need for a discrete GPU.
I hope DoCoMo loses more, they shouldn't have refused the iPhone.
No one knows what the future holds. Android might overtake iOS -or might not- but if it does it sure is taking them longer than they did with smartphones. The tablet market -so far- doesn't like like a replay of the smartphone market. It is not the iPod market either, but the iPad will hold on to the lead for so long that it will become so entrenched it wont even matter if it ends up getting outsold eventually.
I hope by the iPad 5, Apple drops the 16GB model and make the 32GB the entry model at $499.
New Posts  All Forums: