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No one knows what the future holds. Android might overtake iOS -or might not- but if it does it sure is taking them longer than they did with smartphones. The tablet market -so far- doesn't like like a replay of the smartphone market. It is not the iPod market either, but the iPad will hold on to the lead for so long that it will become so entrenched it wont even matter if it ends up getting outsold eventually.
I hope by the iPad 5, Apple drops the 16GB model and make the 32GB the entry model at $499.
That's why I splash my iPhone in holy water, when dock port turns red I know I expelled all the Samsung evil out of it
Apple should make durable rubberized iPad just for education.
As a GM and Apple fan I say yay for this!
There are other foundries like UMC and Global Foundries to name a few. It would be wiser if Apple spreads the risk between them.
Can't Apple just release iMessage on Lion and maybe even Snow Leopard? Not everyone can upgrade to Mountain Lion.
I like the current UI. I don't see a need to change it much.
I can get a quad core CPU on the Mac mini but not this?!!!
Apple should have put a higher res display at the same aspect ratio and just had the slightly stretched. All the controls will be rendered natively anyway and only the artwork/graphics would need to be upgraded. If Apple just went for 1280x960, same exact aspect ratio, plays 720p natively.
New Posts  All Forums: