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That's why I splash my iPhone in holy water, when dock port turns red I know I expelled all the Samsung evil out of it
Apple should make durable rubberized iPad just for education.
As a GM and Apple fan I say yay for this!
There are other foundries like UMC and Global Foundries to name a few. It would be wiser if Apple spreads the risk between them.
Can't Apple just release iMessage on Lion and maybe even Snow Leopard? Not everyone can upgrade to Mountain Lion.
I like the current UI. I don't see a need to change it much.
I can get a quad core CPU on the Mac mini but not this?!!!
Apple should have put a higher res display at the same aspect ratio and just had the slightly stretched. All the controls will be rendered natively anyway and only the artwork/graphics would need to be upgraded. If Apple just went for 1280x960, same exact aspect ratio, plays 720p natively.
Next year with Haswell it should be a great little Mac.
Since when did high end mean integrated graphics? It doesn't even have a quad core option!
New Posts  All Forums: