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Next year with Haswell it should be a great little Mac.
Since when did high end mean integrated graphics? It doesn't even have a quad core option!
No discrete GPU no buy. I'll just hold on to my MacBook Pro longer. Your move Apple!
It is better to cannibalize your own sales than to have someone else steal them from you.
I anyone surprised?
The 4th gen iPod touch was already too thin and light!
Discrete GPU please
I don't like the chin, I hope the iMac loses it.
The colors are meh and I don't like the new UI. The icons just look awful. Good thing my 5th gen nano still works, no need to upgrade yet. What I want to see is iTunes store on the nano. So we can have a Post-PC nano where I can just buy and download my music from iTunes directly with iCloud.
New Posts  All Forums: