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Apple need, in a future iteration, bring iOS to iPod nano.
And I still can't get LTE coverage from SoftBank here in Southern Ibaraki. Wow! Good to know where SoftBank's priorities are!
Unfortunately for us Mac users Apple doesn't care about the Mac anymore. The iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro weren't updated this year.
What are the chances of their being a retina model next year?
If they stop updating the Mac mini I will have to look elsewhere.
I use Facebook but don't want all Facebook 'friends' in my contact list. Is there a way around it?
Not surprised all Samesung's tablets that I tried were awful.
I like it but wont be able to upgrade this year, my 4S is tied to a 2-year plan. Does anyone have any idea what the internals might be? I'd like to see Apple go for 32GB in the entry model with up to 128GB on the high end, all with the A5X but on a 32nm fabrication process. I'm just waiting for Apple to dump ARM and go Intel, very soon the process technology lead (2 years) Intel has over all other competitors will make the ARM vs x86 argument moot when it comes to battery...
Why not use the GPU? Definitely the GPU could do this especially with OpenCL.
Integrated graphics?
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