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This is for Windows OEMs making a Surface-like tablet, not for the Microsoft Surface.
If it can be made a little bit lighter and more compact without losing any of its expandability, I might get one. Size always was an issue for me. Then again why doesn't Apple make a mid tower with Core i5/i7 for those who want performance but doesn't need Xeon.
No discrete graphics no buy
$2000 is a lot of money only when you are broke. I paid more than that for my 15" MacBook Pro, I could have gotten a 17" but was worried about weight. I was hoping the newer could be thinner and lighter but I guess there won't be one.
But a thinner and lighter 17" is what I wanted to replace my 15" with a 17"!
I don't believe it.
Is there really a market for 7" tablets? The low sales of existing 7" tablets says otherwise.
I'm more amazed by the number of people still falling for Samsung's trickery and buying their soon-to-be abandonwares.
It's a toy It will flop It is not a PC People don't want tablets Did I miss anything? The iPad is a huge part of my life it feels as if I always had an iPad.
First a disclaimer, I am doing research in parallel computing, I could tell you more but I'm bounded by NDAs. The keyword is in-parallel, if your code is sequential and can't be parallelized and believe me a lot of code can't be easily parallelized then you hit diminishing returns right around 2~4 cores.Second, here ya go:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%27s_lawSee that chart at the top right corner of the article, it says it all.
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