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I knew Amtrak was slow but damn!
Most Android phones aren't used as smartphones.
Good. Stick to Samsung.
Yes and they will get even better once moved to 22nm process next year.
They lost me at AT&T and Verizon.
So Android so far has cost Google billions with nothing to show for it. I wait for Google to collapse under its own weight.
I paid ¥40000 (about $500) for my 40" Toshiba Regza. Can't see myself paying much more for a TV. I do have it hooked to an Apple TV.
Hope this is true. Samsung needs to be humbled.
Next year the Atom SoC will be far ahead of ARM not only in performance but also power efficiency. I won't mind my next iPad or iPhone having an Atom inside of them.
DigiTimes have they ever been reliable? No!
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