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I don't see Android growing this much unless something different happens, like sub $300 tablets become dominant.
I meant process technology. But with the latest Atom SoC (Mefield) they already compete very well with ARM.   http://www.anandtech.com/show/5365/intels-medfield-atom-z2460-arrive-for-smartphones    
  Intel already moved to 22nm! They are a full 2-year ahead of anyone. Their SSDs are 22nm and their Ivy Bridge processors are 22nm. Only the Intel Atom line of processors is still on 32nm.  
Makes no sense. 32nm has been in commercial production since 2010. It shouldn't take Apple or anyone 2 years to move to it.
Why Apple is sticking with Samsung and there ancient fabrication process? 45nm is so 2008. 32nm has been around since 2010 and yet Samsung continued to make Apple's chips with 45nm process. Imagine how much more energy efficient the iPad and iPhone would have been if their processors were made with 32nm process.
I installed the JDK now how can I remove the Apple provided JRE? I don't want to just uncheck it but remove it completely.
I don't care. I don't run Windows.  
Glad I got mine, was worth upgrading from an iPad 2.  
No way! I was fully intent on going with 17" for my next MacBook. I was actually hoping for an even bigger screen MacBook.  
    The Mac Pro was never updated to Sandy Bridge E either.
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