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This is stupid. What about all the Macs that can't run Snow Leopard let alone Lion? Apple should have made iCloud available on Snow Leopard at least.
Do want! Exactly what I have been needing to fill the gap between my iPhone and iPad.
I want a chinless iMac
Title is misleading. Makes it seem as if Samsung's share is anywhere near to Apple's.
After the way HP handled it's Palm acquisition I have no faith in them. They had something good and with some work could be made into something great and they squandered it.
Too big. My iPhone barley fits in my pocket as is. I hope not.
Here's where the benefits of an advanced process would have been necessary. 45nm is so 2009.
This needs to be in the iPod touch
Acquisition(s) is the only right answer.
Mine won't ship before 4/3
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