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I want a chinless iMac
Title is misleading. Makes it seem as if Samsung's share is anywhere near to Apple's.
After the way HP handled it's Palm acquisition I have no faith in them. They had something good and with some work could be made into something great and they squandered it.
Too big. My iPhone barley fits in my pocket as is. I hope not.
Here's where the benefits of an advanced process would have been necessary. 45nm is so 2009.
This needs to be in the iPod touch
Acquisition(s) is the only right answer.
Mine won't ship before 4/3
Maybe. Intel is already moving to 22nm (Ivy Bridge) with trigate transistors.Where did I say Atom? All I'm saying Intel can operate as a foundry. They are ahead on their process technology it isn't even funny. I bet in a generation or two they'll get Atom to be more power efficient than ARM, medfield already looks promising. I can't vet whether Atom can be ever as efficient as ARM as an architecture but Intel's advanced process makes up for that.I thought Intel was open to...
Still on 45nm? Why does Apple still let Samsung fab them? Can't Apple design them but have Intel fabricate them? Intel had 32nm since 2010 and they are bringing out 22nm this year.
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