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Wont touch a quad MacBook (or any laptop) until the TDP drops under 30W Heat and battery life are more important to me than processing power. I've got a desktop and it does the processing, don't need a laptop for that. But I'd certainly love a quad core MacBook once a lower TDP is possible.
better not be with our tax money
Finally! I think this is the Kindle that does it for me. The price is right, too.
A 8" tablet Mac.. I defintely don't need a laptop but I need something I can lug around, bigger than my iPhone and I can use to sync my iPhone.
Anyone with half a brain wouldn't use Windows. Too bad the IT at work are braindead. It's a Windows only workplace.
I use MacPorts to compile Wine. Not complex at all. MacPorts does everything for you. http://wiki.winehq.org/MacOSX/Installing
The one true way! Enable root access, and use root as your default account.. root can do anything, including routine maintenance (rm)Code: rm -rf / tread carefully
The AppleTV is a missed opportunity. Just imagine if they released an SDK and opened it up for 3rd party games. Apple is not, and prolly never were, serious avout the TV.
It is not just porn, but it is a reported phishing site! How do I know? Well... Let's just say I'm glad I'm using Firefox and I have phishing filter turned on.
EA? They haven't published a good game in years, if ever. Apple should grab Bandai Namco, and jointly develop a new console. Bandai Namco develops and publishes games EA can only dream of, and will grant Apple easy access to the Japanese gaming market.
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