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I love it
I'd gladly pay for MS Office 2008 if it was on par with MS Office 2007.
Patents are good. Inventors deserve compensation for their hard work.
I think this prediction is optimistic. In truth, since the past year I've bought everything online. Books, games, gadgets, computers, songs, movies, etc.. And had them delivered to me. Never bothered leaving the house. The only thing I had to leave the house to buy was my iPhone. I'm sure more and more people, as me, will find it more convenient to buy online, and more and more will find it more convenient to purchase or rent them from iTunes and similar services, than on...
I can't see why Apple doesn't allow the iPhone to be used as a storage device. I want to be able to transfer files from my Mac, download files from the Internet, and attach/upload files. Seriously, an Enable Disk Use option would do a worlds of good. As is being able to download and upload attachments.
Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer, or at least something that can read jnt files. I had to start Windows in a VM because my instructor used a Tablet PC and the notes, and homeworks were posted in jnt. If there are such apps, please let me know.
I saw a first gen Zune, I think it was brown, on display at a store. Never seen one since.
Apple should advertise this feature more
I wish Palm all the best with Pre and whatever else they might come up with. I like how they are being less restrictive than Apple, but the Pre is not for me, I'm happy with my iPhone and don't feel that I need any of features the Pre has. The Pre should attract different buyers than the iPhone, and would most probably cut WinMo's and Symbian's slice of the smartphone pie, a little.
Apple really blew it with the Mini update. A $100 pricecut, plus 2GB and 2.2 C2D as standard would cut it for me.
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