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I wish Palm all the best with Pre and whatever else they might come up with. I like how they are being less restrictive than Apple, but the Pre is not for me, I'm happy with my iPhone and don't feel that I need any of features the Pre has. The Pre should attract different buyers than the iPhone, and would most probably cut WinMo's and Symbian's slice of the smartphone pie, a little.
Apple really blew it with the Mini update. A $100 pricecut, plus 2GB and 2.2 C2D as standard would cut it for me.
Apple should really bring a midrange tower. Something with the desktop Core i7. The Mac Pro is too much with its server-grade Xeon processors.
FireWire is your bottleneck. Try adding a faster internal storage, maybe SSD? Not sure if it would help much though.
Final assembly location doesn't really matter. At some point in time China will lose the advantage and final assembly will move somewhere else. R&D is what matters, Apple still does a lot of it in the USA. Maybe this recession will balance things and give the USA a cost advantage, and some companies will start assembling more in the USA, not necessarily Apple. Japan manages to be cost competitive by nearly fully automating the process, 50% of industrial robots are in...
I hope it doesn't run WinMo, we need more diversity in the smartphone market.
Can't Apple have PA Semi do them something prepriatery in the hardware, like a custom chip, that future version of Mac OS can't boot without?
How about a 17" for those who don't need more than that?
Avoid C++! If you already know C, then learn Objective-C, cleaner and simpler than C++, in addition it is the language for development on Mac OS X. Unless your work requires C++, you have no reason to learn such a horrible language. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objective-C http://developer.apple.com/documenta...al/ObjectiveC/ http://www.gnustep.org/resources/ObjCFun.html
You could try Safari (enable Develop menu) or Firefox with User-agent switching extension..Or you can use Wine and install Internet Explorer 6 without having to install Windows.
New Posts  All Forums: