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Perhaps so, but it's much easier with something like an WD TV that can decode a lot of different formats. As soon as something is done downloading on my Mac, it pops up in the WD TV menu and is ready to play on my TV over the network. Moving files or converting files to watch TV is something I will never do again. Sorry. And if all TV shows and programs were available for instant viewing for 99c, I wouldn't bother to download either. It's all about convenience.
If I downloaded something from the web that happens to be in 1080p, or I want to play a clip from camcorder, 1080p support would be welcome.
The deal breaker for me is the lack for support of common video formats. How successful would the iPod have been if it didn't play mp3s? I really wanted an Apple TV but since my video library is not mostly h.264/mp4, I had to go with the WD TV Live instead. And it also plays 1080p. I'm totally convinced that the lack of support of common video formats is the main reason the Apple TV has not been a big success. Who wants to bother with having to re-encode all their video?
I just called AT&T to ask them why I haven't received this offer, and they told me that they had never heard of it. The lady I spoke with asked me to fax her a copy of the coupon or at least to give her the details that are printed on there, like a contact number etc. If anyone who received this coupon could post an image of it here, or email it to me, that would be greatly appreciated. My email address is don_mccracken at hotmail dot com. As I said, I don't have ANY...
In which states have this offer been sent out? I'm in CA and have a family plan with 5 iPhones and no AT&T reception at my house, but have not received an offer.
As an iPhone user, should I really have to pay another $30 for an additional device. This is getting ridiculous. I already pay AT&T for internet at home and on my iPhone. Now I have to pay another $30 a month for the iPad? I order for people to afford buying these gadgets, there needs to be one plan for all you internet connected devices. Period.
The superdrive on my 2.4GHz Macbook Pro has gotten progressively worse the past year. First, it didn't like certain brands of DVD-RW, then DVD-R. So I've not been able to burn DVDs for a while. But reading has been OK. Snow Leopard was the first DVD that wouldn't mount. Now the drive won't even play commercial DVDs anymore. CDs seem to work fine though. The drive is a MATSHITADVD-R UJ-85J. I'm going to the Apple store on Saturday as my trackpad stopped working last week...
I agree completely with walshbj. It's not the price of the iPhone that is the problem but the $30 a month plan. Everyone I know wants an iPhone and have no problems paying $199 for it. However, it seems that $20 a month is the upper pain threshold for most people. Also, I can't believe we will have to pay ANOTHER $30 if we want to tether our iPhone to our laptops. AT&T is the problem, not Apple.
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