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Ill be keeping it. I havent used a streaming service before and its been nice though there's been a few things Ive tried to find and couldnt (most recently múm). Staples has iTunes gift cards on sale for 20% off right now so itll be like paying $8/mo.
Still using my 1st gen mini, at this point I mainly use it for recipes and now Apple Music.  My iPhone 6 is better at just about everything, so I'm super ready for a real upgrade.  I might have gotten the mini 3 if the update were more than just Touch ID.  If the mini stays a generation behind the Air, I just might get pushed up to an Air.  Especially with that lightness, my other iPad was the 3rd generation and that thing was just too big and heavy for long-term use.
Calling it now: Hoverboard
wrt the idea of there being something useful about having some screen on the side of the phone, what?! they're so "something" thin and the viewing angles so good that I don't think I've ever had a better view of the side of my phone than I did the screen itself unless it was upside down for some reason? Like, from whom am I hiding my screen? I guess if I didn't want someone to know I was walking around with an Android phone, but then they go and put a screen on the side...
This does exist already.  Not that many games are supported though.  Seemed to work pretty well but I only had like one game that was compatible (super crate boy I believe) and I tried a demo of some other game that seemed ok. edit:  it doesn't have the motion controls however, it's just a d-pad and two buttons. 2nd edit:  Wow, 50 posts in 5 1/2 years!  Such an honor to make it this far.
Don't think anyone's posted this yet, but Wal-Mart has rolled back the iPad 2 to $299.00 which makes me think they're just clearing it out.  Similarly, Best Buy is offering the same price (well, $299.99) but listed as a sale.. that page also shows the refurb costing $319.99.
Nintendo got there in 6, assuming Sony & MS both release around the holidays this year, it'll have been 7 for Sony and 8.5 for MS
I find typing to be easy, obviously not as fast as a physical keyboard and dictation is always an option and it isn't too horrible, I tried it out a bit yesterday while talking to a friend on FB.  Seemed to make more mistakes / completely miss words more often but the tradeoff is it's much faster, if I were composing something long it'd be worth the time saved to go back and fix any of its mistakes.  Of course for some situations dictation might be .. not the best choice.
With regard to the iPad's storage size, it really wouldn't be a horrible idea to go 32-64-128, at least on the 9.7" size.  It would further differentiate it from the iMini, especially when/if it also gets a RD.. and then there's the fact that there would be more room for storing things.. things bought in the App and iTunes stores.
Mine was supposed to arrive on the 19th, yet here I am using it to type this out. Loving it so far, so much easier to handle than my 3rd gen.
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