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It was ridiculous when it was updated. I considered buying one, but the idea of going in and sticking in RAM scared me away. I'm sure I COULD do it, I've replaced RAM before, but $600 should get you at least 2 GB.
really, the idea of having the SD card hang out is a bad thing? i have several microSDs all with their own SD adapter and a white macbook. The only way to connect them right now is to take out the microSD from the adapter, put it into the USB microSD reader I have and then put it into the USB port...I imagine a dedicated SD reader would have a lot less "overhang" than my current method. oh and plus it frees up a USB port which is always important on a laptop.
I wonder if Ballmer's gonna complain about these and how noone wants to pay an extra $500 for the Dell logo.
You could really expand the thread by posting some things that have been said around here.
woohoo, have been waiting for the mini bump. now i'm just gonna wait til the snow leopard bump and i'll be picking one of these up
adding a question mark at the end doesn't make it a question
Just thought of this, it'd be nice if the trackpad could double as a number pad with a key or gesture to turn it on or off.
Cut out the wire and give it bluetooth and I'd be down.
Cool, thanks.
I want to buy this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822148360 My question is, can I set aside a partition just for time machine, then use the rest of the drive for things like media, windows, linux, itunes library, etc..?
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