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I probably save up WAY too much money. I never ever want to be in debt to a credit card, and I've always made all my payments on time. Basically I don't spend money I don't have. Started looking into what computer I wanted towards the end of 2007 and finally decided on the $1300 white Macbook (ordered off Amazon to save on shipping and tax) when they updated them in Spring '08. I love it : ) When my crappy non-iPod mp3 players stopped working, I went and got a 120 gig...
If the taking pleasure in 34k ppl losing jobs line was directed at me, that's not true.. it's just I have no sympathy for them. And one can be smart and ignorant at the same time, bro. Why wouldn't I expect someone who works at an electronics store to know more about the wares than I, the customer do. And yeah, other stores sell ridiculously marked up MONSTER cables, but it's not their only option, and they don't try telling unsuspecting people that they "need it to get...
In my experience with CC employees, they're pretty much worthless and are only there to try to sell me something I don't need. Anytime I have a technical question they have no way of answering it. If they had knowledgeable workers, I would respect the store more, but their outrageous prices and pushy salesmen make it a pain in the ass to go there. I only go in if I know I can get a better price, which is very rare. I feel no sympathy for their employees, it's not as...
onion videos always have pretty amazing production value.
It wasn't from switching USB ports, if that's what you're getting at, I'd had it hooked to the USB hub since I got it on xmas day. Resetting it seemed to be the fix, though, even though both hard drives, the iPod and gamepad I have hooked up to it were all working.
My iPhone is not being recognized by my Macbook. I tried its charging cable and my iPod's charging cable, neither work. The iPod is being recognized and can be charged. It has to be the Macbook, though, I tried hooking the iPhone to my old desktop PC and it was immediately recognized and gave it a charge... of course that's not a permanent solution since I won't be able to sync it. Anybody have any idea what could be wrong with it? **EDIT** Ok so the first USB port...
Nobody else uses Speed Dial? I use Firefox as my main browser and have saintsrevolution.com, espn.com, en.wikipedia.org, forums.appleinsider.com, tuaw.com, venganza.org, woot.com, youtube.com and netflix.com I don't really use Safari much, that's just set to default .. apple.com or whatever.
I thought 10.6 was free to anyone who started with 10.5 Kinda sucks, I might skip if it's not gonna be a major improvement over Leopard.
I have a 360 but have been considering building a gaming PC, seems one can be made that will play just about any game for the price of a mac mini.. but then I remind myself that that's still a lot of money just to throw into gaming when I'm not much of a gamer.
the v470 is the one i have and is very nice. got it for my macbook cause i was tired of using the trackpad and also ordered an apple bluetooth keyboard because i knew i'd eventually set it up like a desktop. both work great.. i just didn't like the feel of apple's mouse. didn't know it was such a pain to "right click" with it, but now that i do i'm even more happy i decided to go with logitech
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