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if you're talking about removing it as your wallpaper, that's just settings>wallpaper.. if you want it off the phone completely, go into camera, then touch the little icon on the bottom left, which takes you to your camera roll... select the picture and hit the trash icon on the bottom right.
Well they may not last forever, but as long as you keep them on multiple drives and have all your drives under warranty, it'll be pretty hard to lose your data.. plus either way you'll still have the original source in case something does happen since you're ripping from DVD.
You still risk damaging and losing those blu-rays... why not just keep them on a portable hard drive? I just got a 320 gig for $95 and it's just a little bigger than my iPhone. That will take up a lot less space and hold more than your blu-rays.
I was able to buy the $1300 white macbook back in I think early April, for $5 less on Amazon, and no taxes/shipping... so the savings totaled around $70.
Yeah I have to agree the prices are still pretty crazy. If I had bought a PS3 instead of the 360, I'd probably be renting blu-rays through Netflix, but I wouldn't be buying them. As it is now, I can stream anything that's on "instantly view" through the 360, and some of it is in HD quality. I was able to watch the first four seasons of The Office that way. I've thought for a while that everything will eventually be on hard drives (or probably SSDs), and with products...
Well the big difference this time around is that blu-ray did not get a huge leg up from the PlayStation, as the PS3 is pretty far behind the 360 and Wii... the PS2 is the best selling console ever and to this day comes pretty close to the PS3 week after week.. and it was released in 2000. And up until recently, the PS3 had configurations with backwards compatibility.
ahh, no i did not. i may do that sometime.
man i got all excited that it'd allow me to add stuff to auto-correct so it didn't keep replacing "lol" with "LOL" (come on I'm not laughing that hard all the time, in fact i type lol when i'm maybe smiling about something), or any other number of annoying replacements.
Photochop mebbe
have you considered the macbook white? they put out a build for $1000 and you can also buy the older builds refurbed off the apple website. i've got a white macbook and the casing on it kind of sucks, but that isn't really an issue now that it's set up as a desktop.
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