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hello. i've upgraded my iphone 3g to an iphone 4s. fantastic upgrade. finally able to play some memory chugging games. i've downloaded the star wars arcade falcon gunner. played for about 10 minutes and the iphone would freeze and auto restart. tried again,... same issue. tried again and same result. i've tried trashing and reinstalling. same issue. now,... i have this on my ipad 1. on ios 5. no problems there at all. i am wondering if this is an issue with the...
i recently bought an airport extreme. i set this up through the airport utility software that was included. problem is, after setup, the computer doesn't recognize the airport, whereas my ipad/iphones do. cannot figure this one out.
i am typing this on a second generation 550 t-book. hope i'll be typing on a brand new one very soon. i am checking here everyday for updates. wonder what the delay is.
that's great to hear! thank you! saved me bunches of money. now if i can only find a full install pack. ---- so,... why are the full versions of 10.4 and up so expensive? 10.5 is cheaper but i am afraid that loading this up on a powerbook g4 with 512 ram will slug it down. anybody think that'll be the case?
hey guys:: i used to be under a another name here, but lost all my old login info. i just recently bought a powerbook g4 from my company firesale. it runs on os 10.2.8. i would like to upgrade it to os 10.5, but the 512 RAM would make it a bit sluggish. so i am upgrading it to 10.4 instead. problem is,... i hear people say that you have to have os 10.3 installed before 10.4. is that true? i just want to buy a full 10.4 upgrade package and do it then and...
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