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Really wish these guys and/or Mophie would switch to a Lightning connector. I have no desire to drag around yet another cable around. They say syncing can be done with micro-usb---but I would be skeptical... Plus what about other uses beyond syncing? Playing music? etc...
A lot of posters are noting previous bad experiences with Sync. I suffered under Sync too---but this is a new QNX based version. QNX is a very stable platform and will likely be a vast improvement over the current infotainment system. I think we should hold off on any harsh criticism before anyone has actual hands on. That being said, I think Ford will be shooting itself in the foot for not getting ahead of the curve by adopting CarPlay and the Android equivalent....
The link you posted looks like it refers to the accessing Gmail via the web, not the iOS app.
I like the idea of a good Google Calendar app for iOS---but until Google incorporates group contact lists into its GMail app---I probably won't migrate from native iOS apps to Google apps.
True (and maybe some of the newer Audi's have one---I am not sure), but my point is Apple and Audi appeared to be in lock-step 2-3 years ago. If they had continued they could have already had a dazzling interface and be waaaay ahead of the competition---instead of just contributing to the clutter and delay.
I think the real problem here is with Apple, not Audi. Audi built a lot of its previous/current 'MMI Interface' around Apple's old iPod/iPhone connector. To my knowledge it was the ONLY auto company that attempted this level of integration. Then (I have heard) Apple decided to charge a prohibitive amount for Lightning Connector app/integration. The Lightning Connector has been out for quite awhile and Audi has yet to upgrade---and probably won't so long as Apple holds onto...
I would prefer an iOS environment (who wouldn't?), but making an iPhone the brains of the system is a big mistake. What if your iphone is on the fritz or back at home? Will you not be able to access convenient/important settings and services? What if your cellular carrier doesn't let you access voice and data at the same time---which creates a conflict in how you use the phone in the car? I used to have a Ford Explorer with MySync. MySync is based on Android. It was buggy...
Found it. Yeah, it is there. Thanks.
It didn't.
I went to a Best Buy store to confirm this---the Best Buy 15" MacBook Pros don't have the NVIDIA video processor that comes standard in a MacBook from an Apple store. Wtf? Anyone else confirm this or have a problem with it?
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