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Unless Apple was modeling significantly higher demand than their usually, already-conservative forecasts anticipated. Such as expecting to move 65 million units this quarter, but achieving "only" 50 million. Still blows out previous quarter sales, but also below their expectations.Not saying that's what happened, just explaining how its possible that even with sales coming in below internal expectations it could still be a blowout quarter.
Smaller dock connector, smaller nano-SIM tray, and presumably smaller dies for the SoC. Either Apple intends to use all that extra space for as big a battery as possible to counteract possible battery issues related to LTE, or there's something extra, special going into the next iPhone that they need to make way for.
The chart indicates unlimited talk and text. So actually for 6GB you pay a fixed $90 +$45 per smartphone. So your bill works out to $160 total still, but with the benefit of unlimited talking and texting + tethering too.
That's factually incorrect. There are a lot of AirPrint capable printers from multiple manufacturers.http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356
I'd much rather they bring out Aperture 4.
Not quite. All he actually said was that the device has gone through numerous checks and quality tests and is ready to deliver to the customer after slapping on some tags. No journalistic "sign off" there.
Without endorsing Apple Mail as a client, I'd like to point out that Mail does indeed send and receive attachments very normally. Just because an attachment arrives visible, and inline in the body of your message does not mean its embedded. Mail by default tends to display the contents of known, readable file types like PDF. But they are indeed attachments and one click allows you to download individual attachments or all of them at once. As with most things related to...
The iPhone subsidy isn't outrageous and given what the carriers charge for data, it's clear that they're doing just great with their current pricing. If they choose to tighten their upgrade policy, it will only delay new iPhone purchases (upgrades) by 3-6 months. Those who want to stick with an iPhone will continue to do so. So really the impact to Apple's earnings in quarters where a new phone is launched may be pressured by the lack of early upgrades, Apple will still...
I think we're missing the point here. Unlike Google or Yahoo that generate the majority or at least a substantial portion of their revenue from ads, Apple generates most of its revenue from hardware. To that end, iAds are nothing more than a tool to drive developer adoption of the iOS platform, which in turn increases the number of apps (and hopefully quality apps), which in turns leads to increased consumer desire to buy Apple's hardware products. Therefore, whether...
When the article says "voice", does that mean support for VoLTE?
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