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Remember that scene of young Jonny, Steve and the sketch of the future iMac in the "Jobs" movie? Young devilishly gifted Jonny does ship a awful design and waits for Jobs to pay attention and push him "Tell me what you sincerely think..." The movie in itself might not have been the best one, but they appear to have a clue...
Well, MOTOROLA made phones, Nokia made phones, people from the Far East made phones, Apple made phones, Google made phones, Sir Jonathan Ive made phones...   People are phone makers, basically...   
No one can deny the 64 bits system is a huge leap forward and the true sign of innovation.   The greatest excitement about that, however, overwhelms a developer on the day when he decides to recompile the application, feels ready and... finds out his library supplier is actually not.      
    Well, the 11n is ~40x faster than 11b, too.  
No, the fingerprint sensor does not seem wise for the Far East markets.
The 5¢  is indeed desperately cheap and stupid-looking for a grown consumer, it's however the precise hit when it comes to younger audience. The thing is in perfect accord with the childish experience of the iOS 7. Apple is still unbeatable in search for new markets. 
Interesting enough, the theory and basic math on Apple's fingerprint sensors has been developed here, on this board, almost 5 years ago.Still, it remains to see what exactly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal got to do with capacitive sensor.  I'm sure Anand & arses would kill for clear understanding. 
Oh, they, sure, are.   Novice bloggers with fake accounts contribute 1-star ratings and the holy anger in the Appstore when apps designed for iOS 6 happen to stop working under beta 7. 
``We teased myriads of seasoned and novice tech bloggers with our beta-stuff. They handed us a nice check in exchange for their fake developer accounts.''     P.S. Another one to Apple Store geniuses all over the world for restoring iOS 6 and getting favorite stuff working again. 
First predicted on the Apple Outsider.  Time flies. *yawn*
New Posts  All Forums: