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Wife: "see, I told you it was over faster than you said"
Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks.
Nah. They'll remember that Jobs tried to buy Dropbox and recognize that this is just an extension of that game plan.
I'm not up in arms about either. Both achieve levels of creepiness in their data collection, data mining and privacy invasion that would have been unacceptable in another time. But you missed my sarcasm. My suggestion that FB update their docs was with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. Updating their docs on what 3rd parties are allowed to do with be toothless but would also be useless in any expectation that FB themselves wouldn't continue to do exactly what the...
I guess facebook could update their docs to disallow their advertisers and 3rd party devs from collecting or using it. A very firm "No" should do the trick. As with google, that still wouldn't prevent facebook themselves from collected and using as desired, but they could certainly send a strongly worded recommendation to others.
Based more on their past behavior, what they've been caught doing before and how they make money. 
That's great that they say they don't allow that data to be collected. That doesn't mean they don't collect it themselves.I'll take big grain of salt on their statements about privacy, especially in light of them pulling stunts like intentionally circumventing do not track flags or hoovering data from wifi hotspots around the world.
Yup. SBSettings was one of the few reasons I used to jailbreak. Apple has implemented many of the features I used to jailbreak for, but making the toggles configurable would make it more complete.
Then at best you can say that, for now, Google doesn't allow these categories to be used for targeted ads. And that's great, until they update their policies. And it still doesn't change the fact that the information is all still collected and stored and analyzed. It's just not used at the moment for ads. Honest question: who's worse? facebook?
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