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Based more on their past behavior, what they've been caught doing before and how they make money. 
That's great that they say they don't allow that data to be collected. That doesn't mean they don't collect it themselves.I'll take big grain of salt on their statements about privacy, especially in light of them pulling stunts like intentionally circumventing do not track flags or hoovering data from wifi hotspots around the world.
Yup. SBSettings was one of the few reasons I used to jailbreak. Apple has implemented many of the features I used to jailbreak for, but making the toggles configurable would make it more complete.
Then at best you can say that, for now, Google doesn't allow these categories to be used for targeted ads. And that's great, until they update their policies. And it still doesn't change the fact that the information is all still collected and stored and analyzed. It's just not used at the moment for ads. Honest question: who's worse? facebook?
The data can be used to improve the services you use. It can also be used simply to know more about you in order to improve their advertising. Those are very different things. Using it to improve the services you choose to use can be done without retaining the information and aggregation can be anonymous. Big data driving improvements over raw algorithms.  But data used to improve marketing services, something I and I think most people don't necessarily want per se, is...
Advertising is fine, though annoying, IMO. But do you really not have any issue with google or anyone else, perusing your emails and voicemails and photos and online activity and location and times you are at home and away and daily travel patterns and where and when you vacation and with whom and your health concerns and viewing habits and whom you associate with regularly and with whom you communicate regularly and what you communicate about and what concerns you have...
I've always had a 6 digit passcode, how is this new? If I swipe to login, it brings up a numeric keypad, as long as my passcode is all numbers. What's changed?
One of the highest deployment and usage rates for tap and pay in the world and they can't get it together up here. Doesn't help that our biggest banks formed a legal cartel with the express purpose of negotiating from a common front against Apple for Apple Pay.
"Additionally, the government believes Apple may have encouraged carriers to offer preferential service plan pricing to iPhone customers."   That's the part that really gets me and really shows they have no idea what they are talking about. Canadian carriers have, for year, had "iPhone" plans that were significantly higher than plans, with identical features, for non-iphones. If you wanted to but an iPhone from a carrier on contract, then you were required to take a plan...
New Posts  All Forums: