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Maybe that is true. That is not what the court said. If you are correct, then the court should have said that. Did they? No. They instead claimed Apple posted false information, which is not true.  Maybe the judges are just softheaded and didn't realize that making up their own reasons is bad form, even for a UK judge.
I didn't ask you why. I asked you did a German court find that they infringed. I suppose if you couldn't understand the question, you wouldn't be able to find the answer.   Since you tried so hard and couldn't find the answer, I will help you: yes, in fact a German court found that Samsung did infringe on Apple's design. That is a matter of fact. You may not like that fact. But it is a fact. You don't get to make up your own facts (seems to be something a few of you need...
Bullshit. The Düsseldorf is the German court authorized to make EU-wide community design decisions, exactly as the High Court is the UK's designated court for the same matters. Don't make up facts just because you don't have the facts. That's pathetic. It is also irrelevant to the statement of fact.   How were they playing with the facts? The fact is, a german court found Samsung infringed. Apple stated that a german court found that they infringed. That isn't playing...
Where did they editorialize? They added 4 paragraphs. Three directly referenced the UK decision and the judge's own words. The forth mentioned two other court decisions. Those are facts not opinion, thus not editorialized.
Another useless strawman. I guess if you have nothing of value to say, then attacking the person instead of the argument makes sense.
I never claimed the could enforce it. The UK courts saw to that. Don't try a strawman on me please.   Simple question: Did a german court find that Samsung infringed?
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/samsung/9423424/German-courts-grant-Apple-ban-on-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-despite-High-Court-cool-ruling.html     Found to infringe (twice), preliminary injunction, EU wide.   A german court found they infringed. Apple stated this. Completely correct and completely true.
Actually, I clearly stated that the UK decision was a final decision.  The German decision contradicts the UK decision, but the UK was a final.    But the German decision was EU wide.
Did a german court find that Samsung infringed?
Did the german courts find that Samsung infringed? Did their higher court uphold that decision? Is this exactly what Apple stated? It is a factually correct statement to say "a German court found that Samsung infringed upon Apple's design". 100% factual.
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