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How did this idiot end up at Apple? Never thought he was a good fit. He is the new Papermaster.
Sounds like Samsung is using Motorola's playbook. In the Apple/Moto lawsuits, how has Apple done in arguing that they were covered by Qualcomm's license when the bought chips from Qualcomm that used Moto IP? It seems like Apple should have easily won based on a) being covered as a customer of Qualcomm b) FRAND principles against discriminatory terms. But hasn't Apple been having a rough go with the various courts with their moto cases?
Seems like google is all but acknowledging infringement. They are now trying have their use of the infringed IP declared standards.
"a type of instant messaging chat bot system" -sounds like a Turing system. How could they patent a Turing system? -does not sound much like Siri *having not yet read the patent
Activist judges. Gotta love them.
You you are comparing the hypothetical improvements of an unreleased OS to the unknown improvements of an unreleased OS?   Good luck.
And every Android manufacturer just said "oh shit"   Between Amazon and Google, with their subsidized tablets, there is no money left to be made selling hardware with Android. Amazon and Google can expect to make up the money on the backend through media, search and apps. The hardware makers don't have that luxury or infrastructure. This is exactly why Samsung is trying their own cloud initiatives, but it is too little, too late. There are maybe 4 or 5 companies that...
So the Lync app from MS that is currently in the app store isn't a native app? WTF?
There were. I don't recall it here but have seen it quite frequently on other boards. Mostly from kids too ignorant to realize that Apple is, in many ways, the most important customer Samsung has and that not supplying Apple would hurt them more than it would hurt Apple. Apple can fund other suppliers to ramp up if needed to replace Samsung. Samsung can't make other companies buy from them at the same levels that Apple does.
Cutting Samsung out of their supply chain (as much as possible) would be a much better tact that the lawsuits, IMO. Lawsuits drag on and are creating a negative public perception. Moving to alternative suppliers is just a business decision and will hit Samsung harder. Without overtly making it an issue in their supplier relationships, they could certainly use this to encourage more ethical behavior from Samsung with regard to aping Apple products.
New Posts  All Forums: