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AT&T cannot unlock your iPhone. Only the carrier to which it is locked may unlock an iPhone.
It's Rogers, so of course they want to gouge you if they get the chance. They aren't the most hated company in Canada for nothing. At least they will do the unlock. Bell still refuses and Telus still says they want to but that they have 'technical' limitations on unlocking iphones, which is a bold faced lie.
The iTunes restore isn't necessary in most cases. I've had 4 iphones unlocked through Rogers in Canada and after the first I never did the itunes restore. I just popped in a foreign SIM and it worked fine. I think for one of the I had to reboot the phone before it recognized the SIM.
""Jon has fulfilled his commitment and we wish him well, HP spokeswoman Mylene Mangalindan told Arik Hesseldahl of All Things D" Why does that sound the same as someone discussing a prisoner being released at the end of their sentence? I wonder if RIM will court him at all.
Umm, duh, because if you really do want to sell it, that is when it is worth the most. duh.
I didn't ask for examples. Examples don't make facts. You said "Canadians are known to start a business, hoping it gets sold LATER...and RIM/Nortel are prime examples! That IS the reason why they had NO future plans to make the business stay long!" Back it up. The facts might suggest that Canadians are less likely to do so. The fact might say you are right and they are more likely. But without those facts, you are talking out of your ass. Specifically to the former RIM...
That's the thing. You have no argument to win or lose against. You have only statements and assertions that you don't know how to back up. You are being dishonest. Own it.*and for factual honesty, he sold it for billions.
Ok, I called Kevin. He said you were full of crap too.
No. If you are going to make bogus, unsubstaintiated, borderline-retarded claimed, you back them up. Otherwise, don't make stupid claims you can't backup. And I never said those other things were meant to build up company legacy. Legacy, as in personal legacy. You really have no fucking clue, do you? No one will fault you for not knowing or not understanding. But they will if you just make shit up. Don't make shit up.
You could make that claim about ANY tech start up. I think RIM is a perfect example of one that absolutely was not started or run in the hope it would be sold off. Both Lazaridis and Balsillie were all about legacy building. From RIM, to PI to CGCI, the Balsillie cancer centre at the local hospital, the governance school at one of the local universities, to trying to buy hockey teams everything these guys got into was to try to build a legacy. Do you have any numbers to...
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