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Is he the one I've seen driving the Tesla Roadster around town? Cheech and Chong took too long to make this decision.
Guess we'll have to wait and see if AT&T and Verizon bring back unlimited data.They'll add the iPhone when Apple decides they'll add the iPhone.None of which is a blessing for Apple, at least not any more than for any other phone vendor. Which makes it a wash for Apple. Apple is the one driving iPhone sales. They don't depend on TMobile's data options to sell phones on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Period. Not complicated at all unless you get confused easily.
Valid enough, but 20 is better than 100.The biggest iPhone compatible carriers do not have and have moved away from unlimited data. TMobile offering unlimited data has not brought unlimited data to iphone users on AT&T or Verizon, in fact they have moved away from it. Does it help consumers in general, yes. Does that help Apple? Not directly and only marginally at best. They seem to sell iPhones pretty well regardless of how the carriers screw their customers.
When iPhone's were using 54% of data traffic and had 4% of the market, the rest of the market was using phones that were not really data devices. I think it was Sprint's CEI that mentioned how happy they were to have iPhone's on their network now because they use data more efficiently that Androids resulting in less overall data usage. Whether that is true or not, it is true that Android users were not around when Apple had 4% of the market. Other handset users are also...
No one said they were all going to a single model per year. The headline itself says 'fewer'. If a hyper-spastic release schedule was working for these vendors this wouldn't even be a discussion. It isn't working, so they are looking to a model that does work. One that Apple has demonstrated is successful and that is a simplified line up and release schedule. My guess is they half-ass it and they do what you say and only drop to 8 or 10 models per year. In that case they...
Jobs once mentioned that the hardest thing for a business to learn is how to say no. Apple learned this the hard way and has been successful since making it a part of their overall DNA. Seems like these other companies are finally starting to realize the truth and value in that model.
????? The carriers will still get their 'unique' phones. They will just get one or two per manufacturer per year instead of 25. And how is unlimited data from TMobile a blessing for Apple?
This seems to be what RIM has missed for the last 4 or 5 years. They've thrown darts in every direction trying to capture some of Apple's success but all they have managed to do is spend more developing multiple models and confused customers as to which BB they want. If I have to walk in and spend an hour figuring out which of the 6 or 7 BB models best fits my needs, I am more likely to spend 5 minutes figuring out if I want the iPhone in black or white. Choice may seem...
Did they have a choice?
Are you certain? I thought the Qualcomm chip supported all 5 bands but the phone itself (or chipset as a whole) was only a quadband implementation for all the other RF receiver/transmitter and filter circuitry. I thought they that they traded band IV (1700/AWS) for band VIII (900/GSM).
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