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This has nothing to do with BB. This is purely a dipshit move, likely driven by our carriers. The government has been trying to break the oligopoly (and not doing a very good job at it) that has a strangle hold on wireless. This was likely a bone the gov threw them to show they aren't just picking on the carriers.
Canadian carriers openly and obviously collude every day to keep prices artificially high for services...but the gov goes after Apple. dipshits.
That would have made much more sense.
It's arbitrary, inconsistent, poorly thought out decisions like this that hurt Apple's image. It's one thing to have a curated walled garden. It's another to approve apps and then randomly start to remove them with a legitimate reason.
a) Fitbit is well aware of apps like this. They have an active developer relations and encourage these types of apps. In the fitbit forums, where this issue of non-integration first came up, it has been well discussed that  fitbit users are left with using 3rd party apps like this for Health integration.b) Google already has Google Fit and Fitbit does not integrate with it. They do integrate with Microsoft's Healthvault, but that was a much more robust and comprehensive...
This isn't about the $50 premium membership and there is no reason Fitbit can't coexist and thrive with Apple Watch and provide health integration. They serve two different needs, even if there is some overlap. The Apple Watch isn't going to track your sleep because you need to remove it daily to charge it. The fitbit is intentionally understated so that it doesn't attract much attention at all (Flex is probably the most discrete and understated of all of the wrist worn...
Well, Fitbit has long had an API that allows for exactly this, extracting data without paying. The paid premium service is more to get the data out into different file formats for your own purposes. So, since they've allowed many developers to access the APIs for so long, this is likely not the only or even the main reason for their reluctance regarding HealthKit. Fitbit's idea is for their app and web dashboard to be your real-time, comprehensive gateway to your fitness...
Wristband has provide this for Fitbit (and Jawbone) users for some time now.
Wasn't this reported like a year ago?
I don't see them breaking away from Nuance for a while. Seems like it's just as likely they are working to bolster what they can do on top of nuance. As much as they do try to own their core technologies, and speech definitely is one, I don't think they want the backlash like they had with Maps. Eventually they will either move to their own backend or buy that part of nuance. I just don't see doing it on their own as a short term play.
New Posts  All Forums: