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So, then you haven't read about Apple over the last 17 years or so nor anything about what Ives does there (especially in the last year and a bit)?
A) the labels would still know they are dealing with apple and still hate apple, whether Iovine and Dre are leading the discussions or not.B) how much did they accomplish with Beats streaming? Less than 100k paid subscribers? From a technological perspective, what do they bring that Apple couldn't do better for a couple orders of magnitude less money?
Yes, that's why I referred to him as a music insider.So his connections in music are expected to translate into movies and TV content contracts?
The studios don't like Apple and are desperate not to given them more control of their partnerships. Having Iovine and Dre front the discussions doesn't seem like it would do much...it's not like the labels wouldn't know their dealing with Apple and have the same feelings toward them. And paying $3.2B for advisors who could then walk away at any time (or get hit by a bus as someone previously mentioned) doesn't seem very well planned.As for content, what do they know...
I just don't see how hiring a music insider helps your TV/video business. Is the expectation that he music credentials somehow give him access to the studios?
Yeah it works pretty well for me. It was never design for handwriting or even normally sized typesets on paper. It's meant for signs. I've tried it with books and it works but because of so many works it's always flipping back and forth between translated and non. But for signs and large type it works well.
The bought SimplifyMedia, which was an iOS exclusive and a great media stream app and killed it.
I already own the app, so getting the rest of the language packs for free is a bonus for me. Coincidently, I was just thinking about buying one yesterday, so even better. Don't like it in the hands of Google as it will just become another data mining tool but for now, free is free.
So, they aren't arresting picketers anymore?
Funniest post of the day.Samsung doesn't own anything in the wearables market. Pebble, fitbit and even Nike Fuel all handily eat samsung's lunch. Samsung got into the market based on speculation that Apple was going to. And what happens when they don't have Apple to copy? We get the joke named Gear. Even the Fit, their best entry so far, is universally reviewed as an unmitigated disaster.
New Posts  All Forums: