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I guess if Samsung is serious about the fitness wearables market, a bunch of experienced people just became available.
Honest question: Are you drunk?
  Every single iPhone release had varying degrees of improvements, albeit some "bigger" than others. The 3GS was a massive performance increase over the 3G, same price. The 4 was another massive performance boost and Retina to boot, same price. The 4S was a significant performance boost, same price. The 5 was a huge performance boost and a bigger screen, same price. The 5S added TouchID and another steep performance gain, same price.  Big or small upgrades, their iPhones...
It didn't used to work that way (with Fido). And when they were forced to 2 year limits on plans, they hiked all plans, even for those that would have been on 2 year terms anyway and for those that wouldn't be on a term at all. And when they first went to the 2 year Max plans, you paid more but got less so it was even more of a hike.  Very little credit to be given to them at all. If you want to give credit, give credit to TMobile for bringing in their "no contract"...
Of course there is more precedent for no price increase. Since the launch of the iPhone 3G, each following generation has maintained the same contract price point regardless of how big an upgrade the new generation was. That is the only precedent for iPhones. That's not to claim they won't increase the price, but you cannot claim there is no more precedent for them maintaining price than for raising the price. The best example of them raising prices recently was the iPad...
Nor is anyone claiming Apple wouldn't do it again. But it is not their normal pattern.
I thought by using the word "exception" that I did explain it.
Could be a number of things. Could be simply that there is pent up demand for a larger iPhone or just the fact that it is an iPhone launch, which still tends to be an evert in and of itself. I think he is more saying that none of the other vendors have anything to offer this year that blows the doors off for anyone.
I agree with you, except that I don't think it is so obvious. First, we don't know that there will be 2 new sizes. Even if there will be, the article certainly doesn't imply it will be the 5.5" that Apple wants to increase by $100. In fact it says the justification for the possible increase is the fact that the iPhone 6 will be the only "must have" launch this year. That holds whether there are one or two models.
True, but that was notable because it was an exception to their normal pattern of generational releases maintaining a consistent price.
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