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BAM.   Do you need to look up the word 'rumor'? BAM. They don't mean shit most of the time. But BAM they give haters wood, so there you go.
    Agreed on both of these.
I would think so as well. Hopefully whatever Intel negotiated with the studios and networks can be improved upon when it's Apple turn.
So, um, why not sell the charging unit with just USB connects so the customer can bring whatever cables they want? Hell, it might be a tidy side business to sell Lightening, 30Pin and MicroUSB cables that are compatible with their cable retraction system. No problem making just cables, right? That would be all that needed Apple's licensing. So, make the cables, with license and sell the unit and cables separately. Permanently attached cables seem like a deal killer for...
And Qualcomm's followup to that letter:     Looks like Qualcomm's law firm just lost a client.
I was thinking she looked awfully manly, then read about the name change. Makes perfect sense. Also good to see Apple making moved to improve security.
As a Canadian, I hope this means AWS for HSPA but the realist in me knows that it doesn't.
They didn't license them or have patent protection from Google. Google 'loaned' them to HTC, that is they gave them to HTC to use in lawsuits against Apple. This was done specifically because of the weakness of HTC's patent portfolio. HTC was stuck in a difficult position. The patents they held were determined to be essentially useless in their battle with Apple. If they are SEP, that is an unproven offensive weapon and if they weren't, there is no indication Apple was...
Yes, I recall the judge determined HTC didn't own them enough. But I'd thought that was because of an agreement to transfer them back to Google not from some limitation on their ownership. If they were indeed fully transfered to HTC and the judges concern was the whole transaction of loaning them out temporarily, there might not be a legal basis for preventing them from re-licensing them. Given how poorly thought out the entire adventure of buying up Motorola for FRAND...
I'd actually be really interested knowing if Apple gained access to the 9 patents Google gave/loaned to HTC. That would be the single funniest event of the smartphone patent wars if it happened. HTC copies Apple, Apple gains access to Google's patents.
New Posts  All Forums: