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Careful. Last time people started talking about alternative forums, we ended up with AppleNova and the Great Splintering. (or was it ai.org first?)RIP LoCash
That wasn't your original contention. It wasn't a matter of interpretation. You said:Now, in this post, you acknowledge it was real and not fake but try to cover up your error by saying it is a matter of interpretation. That is either dishonest or delusional.
Absolutely. Best of the bunch. They also said it was more prone to signal degradation with contact.
Probably. or was it intentional...
In my 29/30 years of using and owning Apple products (granted, I started as a child and 'owned' them in the sense that my parents bought them) I have always preferred them and their products. But, this doesn't mean they are above reproach.
It is ignorant to say someone like Anand is an 'ignorant blogger'.
Because it is an improved design. By moving the antenna outside (and improving the baseband) you get much better reception in low signal areas. Moving it outside results in it doing a better job at doing what it does. It makes it a better antenna. It also makes it more susceptible to degradation sue to touch.
Oh, fucking stop with the bullshit lying. I actually quoted that part of the article in another post. Yes, the iPhone 4 antenna and baseband work vastly better in low signal conditions. This doesn't change the fact that it creates conditions for low signal simply by allowing the antenna to be touched by having it on the outside. Again, the 4 uses the signal it gets better and will better reception overall. It will also lose signal more dramatically when touched than...
We don't know the number, because Apple hasn't released the numbers. You are right, where they are using it is a factor, as the Anand article points out. But, it is simply physics that a contact with an antenna will cause signal degradation and the iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to have an external antenna. How much of a problem it is needs to be determined, but it is a obvious issue. Is too much being made of this? Probably. But for anyone in an area with moderate to low...
That is unfair. The iPhone 4's antenna has been tested externally and shown to have far superior reception to previous models. It has also been shown to be more susceptible to signal loss. They could have stuck the antenna back inside and shielded the shit out of it to prevent any loss from physical contact. That would also have resulted in it having shittier reception. Perhaps they missed the mark on balancing sensitivity and protection, but is dishonest to imply they...
New Posts  All Forums: