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I would disagree. MS is a sales and marketing machine. One of Gates biggest strengths lay in his ability to convince people that they needed what he had to sell, regardless of it not being the best of breed. "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good" -Bill Gates. That is what their DNA is made up of. Some of those products you listed could be considered innovative, but not many. XBox has certainly been successful, but is just another game console. Surface...
Huh? Since when was Ballmer a co-founder? Gates and Allen were the founders. I don't think Ballmer was even in the top 10 first hires. He is a large shareholder and was basically appointed by Gates as his heir. Until Gates sees fit to show him the door, he is pretty secure in his position of being in charge of running MS into the ground. I cannot think of a leader that MS is more deserving of for their years of arrogance. My understanding was that Roz Ho is mostly...
Apple has tons of jobs posted in all R&D areas pretty much all of the time. This really doesn't mean much at all. At the worst, one might read into it that they are continuing to advance their products and so need additional staff to work in those areas. I suppose it might be titillating to imagine Jobs busting down the door, foaming at the mouth and firing every rf engineer in the building. Titillating but not really supported (for now).
Or here's a thought, maybe expect and hope for a fix. duh!No, do you? (what an incredibly stupid post for you to make) iPhone 3G, thanks for asking. When it becomes available in Canada, I will buy the iPhone 4. Liking and wanting an Apple product shouldn't mean blindly accepting or ignoring its faults...that would be ignorant.
Obviously, and the intent wasn't to equate the seriousness of the issues themselves. The response was simply to the post that compared the timing of the companies responses and the consumer reactions that followed.
Then the fact that they have responded, and said there is no problem, might be worrying.
The difference, I think, isn't that Apple hasn't solved it. They are being pilloried because they won't even acknowledge it. Maybe Dick and Anand are wrong and Jobs is right and there is no problem. If, however, there is a problem unique to the design of the iPhone 4, then they deserve to be called on it, if they choose instead to simply deny the problem.
Yes, that means there isn't a problem that needs to be fixed. And of course, it should be up to the consumer to correct a manufacturing/engineering/design problem.Just read what he wrote and you will find your own answer.For the reading impaired: Some attenuation will occur with all phones, but the size of the differential between holding it naturally in your palm without a case and with a case is unique to the iPhone 4.
Well said. Unfortunately, for now at least, it seems Apple's response is to acknowledge the issue as a non-issue-"hold it differently".
The bumper essentially places the antenna inside an enclosure, which seems to be how they would have to physically change the design anyway...put them back inside. They problem I have, besides the seemingly flip response from Apple, is that is seems possible that they knew this would be an issue. When one looks at the reason for Apple, for the first time ever, to sell a first party case (the bumper) they obviously knew there are issues that required the case. Either the...
New Posts  All Forums: