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The difference, I think, isn't that Apple hasn't solved it. They are being pilloried because they won't even acknowledge it. Maybe Dick and Anand are wrong and Jobs is right and there is no problem. If, however, there is a problem unique to the design of the iPhone 4, then they deserve to be called on it, if they choose instead to simply deny the problem.
Yes, that means there isn't a problem that needs to be fixed. And of course, it should be up to the consumer to correct a manufacturing/engineering/design problem.Just read what he wrote and you will find your own answer.For the reading impaired: Some attenuation will occur with all phones, but the size of the differential between holding it naturally in your palm without a case and with a case is unique to the iPhone 4.
Well said. Unfortunately, for now at least, it seems Apple's response is to acknowledge the issue as a non-issue-"hold it differently".
The bumper essentially places the antenna inside an enclosure, which seems to be how they would have to physically change the design anyway...put them back inside. They problem I have, besides the seemingly flip response from Apple, is that is seems possible that they knew this would be an issue. When one looks at the reason for Apple, for the first time ever, to sell a first party case (the bumper) they obviously knew there are issues that required the case. Either the...
I think you are right on all points here. Even if they field tested without the case on (as they might have once it was leaked so completely) their results may not have shown the severity of the issue. Just as with people with units now, many cannot reproduce it, some drop some bars but call stays fine and some drop calls. Given the variables, like having to hold it as though they are making a call and testing signal strength at the same time instead of perhaps testing...
AFAIK, this was first reported by MacRumors. Others, including AI and the gadget sites picked it up from them.
Very unlikely. But they may have felt forced to ship it, knowing it could use more testing or that the older design would require less testing. In the end, it was Apple's call. The leaks may simply have pressured them to go with certain decisions over others. I am sure they will resolve these two issues (yellow and bars) readily. In fact, it sounds like the yellow spots are already working themselves out.
If we didn't have idealists, we wouldn't have Apple. Unfortunately for the idealists, reality always shows up
Nothing wrong with your line of thought here. But, it is idealistic. The reality is, that the openness itself that is provided by jailbreaking, is also what allows piracy. Similarly, Apple allows iTunes to rip CDs, which could be used to aid in pirating CDs. The only way to prevent this, would be for Apple to remove the feature itself. Many things that are developed with good intentions can also be used for bad. The only way to prevent the bad is to also prevent the good....
Well, there was the story/rumour of Apple having another iPhone 4 in development. The other unit was more similar to the iPhone 3G/3GS in external design. It was a possible fall back to use, in case the newer design and the new manufacturing processes it required couldn't be perfected in time for the launch. The report was that the leak forced Apple's hand and they felt they had to go with the new design as it had been so thoroughly leaked. I don't actually blame Giz...
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