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Very unlikely. But they may have felt forced to ship it, knowing it could use more testing or that the older design would require less testing. In the end, it was Apple's call. The leaks may simply have pressured them to go with certain decisions over others. I am sure they will resolve these two issues (yellow and bars) readily. In fact, it sounds like the yellow spots are already working themselves out.
If we didn't have idealists, we wouldn't have Apple. Unfortunately for the idealists, reality always shows up
Nothing wrong with your line of thought here. But, it is idealistic. The reality is, that the openness itself that is provided by jailbreaking, is also what allows piracy. Similarly, Apple allows iTunes to rip CDs, which could be used to aid in pirating CDs. The only way to prevent this, would be for Apple to remove the feature itself. Many things that are developed with good intentions can also be used for bad. The only way to prevent the bad is to also prevent the good....
Well, there was the story/rumour of Apple having another iPhone 4 in development. The other unit was more similar to the iPhone 3G/3GS in external design. It was a possible fall back to use, in case the newer design and the new manufacturing processes it required couldn't be perfected in time for the launch. The report was that the leak forced Apple's hand and they felt they had to go with the new design as it had been so thoroughly leaked. I don't actually blame Giz...
Sure, the date was generally set. Doesn't mean the feature set was set in stone though. Once so concretely leaked, it might have been difficult to withdraw some that were not-quite-ready-for-primetime.
No protestation. Simply trying to educate your. Obviously a failed attempt.Huge difference between seeking your approval and someone trying to explain your mistake and why your accusations and insults are misplaced. I no longer expect you can understand this. As saarek has said, I am done with you. You have proven you are unable to admit or even recognize your errors, so I will leave you to wallow in ignorance.
I'd be open to seeing you banned because you name call, insult and make baseless accusations. You fail to understand simple concepts, even when repeatedly explained to you. I was hoping you might actually understand the mistakes you have made. If it was an honest mistake, fine. But at this point, it is either intentional or personal limitations. No one is looking to you for permission. Why would anyone seek your permissions for perfectly legal activities? You really don't...
Took you long enough As for your plea to the hackers, it can't happen. The point of the 'hacking' is to allow more openness and flexibility to the platform and devices that they love. The downside to openness and flexibility is that, by definition, it removes the restrictions that would limit piracy. Piracy can probably never be prevented technologically.
He didn't work around shit. He chose to pay for a different service offered by his carrier as an alternative option. The carrier allows him to pay for tethering, so he is. This is exactly the same as if he had opted for using tethering to get his laptop online instead of buying a separate 3G stick and plan just for the laptop.He isn't acting like he has some kind of moral high ground. He has the moral high ground. He is paying explicitly for what he is doing exactly as his...
Only in the same way that all internet users are pedos. That is just an incredibly ignorant statement. You really must be a troll. No one could honestly think the way you post.
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