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Can you explain, exactly what he did that would be theft? You are mis-reading and mis-interpreting what he wrote. Go back and read it again or have someone read it to you.Again, his carrier offered him options. Option 1 was to buy an iPad with 3G and a separate data plan for it. Sort of like buying a 3G stick for his laptop. The second option was to pay for tethering for his phone and use it then to provide an IP to his other devices. He choose option 2. Which was offered....
I guess we would blame Gizmodo for this. Maybe Apple rushed it because Giz forced their hand. I am not being facetious. I am not going to get into the debate again about Giz's guilt or innocence in their actions. But the fact is, that with so many details leaked, Apple may have been pressured to include specs that were not properly vetted and/or to curtail external field testing. The fault would not lie with Giz alone, but with all the other sites and we as readers that...
Are you for real? The only way to read that as stealing is to really demonstrate a difficulty with basic reading skills. Read what you bolded again. He didn't want to pay extra for a 3G iPad and the separate plan for it. And why should he? His carrier allows him to pay for tethering on his phone and use his phone to share his connection. He can share it via USB, Bluetooth, Wifi or using with his finger in his ass. He pays for this. Explicitly. He jailbreaks ONLY so that...
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of the disagreement. Some people believe ownership of property does indeed confir rights of usage. Others believe it is right for others to give them permission to use their own property.
Not one word from the OP implies he is a thief.
I could as easily call you a thief. But that would be ignorant.
The fanbase certainly has changed. The nouveau Apple fans that have come on board since the iPhone and iPod certainly seem to have some of the old timers beat in zeal and blind devotion. We were humourously referred to as Mac-Addicts, -Cultists and -Zealots. Unfortunately, these days those terms apply without the humour attached. The new wave iFan seems to want to prove their devotion by turning off their brains. If Apple hasn't approved something, then it must be wrong.
The opt out website opts you out of the iAds data collection. This doesn't necessarily mean you will be excluded from any other device/location/usage data and metrics the OS will record and that you have already agreed to in order to use iTunes. It might, but all we know now is that the website opts you out of iAds data collection.
maybe because they like the rest of the package that the iPhone comes with. Maybe they love Apple products. Maybe they want to buy from and support Apple but want their device to do more than it can out of the box. Maybe because they can think for themselves and haven't become mindless drones.
What you wrote wasWhich was wrong on a number of levels. Firstly, tethering already is available, even for the late to the party AT&T. Second, your assertion that once tethering is official, "there will be no masking their agenda to steal software and services.", which is of course, clear bullshit. If you were talking only about those that pirate software, then say that. Instead you lump them all under 'masking their agenda to steal software and services' with their claim...
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