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I am in Canada. Tethering is included in my plan. I can tethering using any method I choose to any device I choose. If and when I decide I want to tethering via wifi, then because it is disabled in the OS, I would jailbreak to enable it.very consistent.And again, my 'sense of entitlement' is only because I am entitled to it. I pay for it. I am allowed to use it by my carrier. You may think it is wrong, but that isn't really surprising.
-changing providers -enabling wifi tethering (now that they can pay for tethering) -file system access -installation of apps banned by the appstore -customization of the UI -faster access to common Settings There are many other reasons one might jailbreak. I am sure there are many, maybe even the vast majority, that steal software, and they are dicks. But don't lump everyone into that category. AT&T allowing tethering only removes one reason for jailbreaking...and it...
bullshitWhen I finally do get around to jailbreaking, it will be to use features like wifi sharing (tethering is included in my plan) and being able to switch providers. Nothing wrong with either. I might also use it for direct file access or to buy/download legit apps that are not available on the AppStore. I will never use it to steal software.Maybe it is time for you to stop with the unsubstantiated, blanket accusations of criminal activity. (I know, I...
It was easier to all you a thief.
I wonder if opting out of the iAds data collection will also prevent them from collecting the device and location data. The iAds opt out wording doesn't seem to cover the Location-Based Services collection. I trusted Hiro when he said Apple would never collect this type of info. Said it was far to big brother for them to do, with or without consent, and would be a violation of their own privacy policy. Guess he didn't know what he was talking about.
I allowed mine to complete last night. I distinctly remember seeing a status of syncing photos, as I also saw it syncing apps. Hoping a resync will fix it tonight.
Mine are crap too. The thumbnails are super sharp, but the actual pics looks like the pics are loading just before they come into focus....but it stays that way. I will try resyncing (also have 5600 synced). I know the upgrade to iOS 4 resyncs the photos after the upgrade is done, so I am not hopeful this will do anything. Discussions about this are at support.apple.com report this being common (I saw reports with 3G and 3GS). A sync is in fact reported to be the fix.
4) GPS. Mine worked perfectly and then completely died a year ago. I can get a fairly accurate position from Wifi and basic cell tower triangulation, most of the time, but never get the pulsing blue dot of a GPS lock. I say most of the time because it often places me a couple KM away from where I am. When it was new it was dead on, within a few feet usually. It has placed me as far as 20 KM, but usually 1-2KM. I've read that this was fairly common with 3G units but while...
Seems like it.Depending on purchase requirements, how many Americans will cross the border to get an officially unlocked iPhone. Gotta pay full price for the unlocked phones, but this is good news. I wonder if this means that the carriers will also be willing to unlock the phones after contracts expire for us.
Actually, I care about all of the above. The problem is those that are trying to cloak it the high moral veil of privacy, when it is factually about competition. They seem to feel dirty even acknowledging that Apple could have made a move against a competitor and want to mask it as purely a privacy issue. It isn't. As you have shown, you can face and admit to the fact that it is a competitive move and still belief it is justified. Perfectly valid. To pretend it isn't a...
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