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What we need in Lightroom is HTML5 themes for the web galleries, AND some more flexibility personalize.
Apple usually blows past the analyst predictions.   For a more detailed analysis, this guy has interesting comments:    Understanding Apple: Flash – New High – Where is it Going?
I found this interesting article on where it is going in price.    http://beta.fool.com/jaans/2012/08/18/understanding-apple-flash-new-high-where-it-going/9958/
For an interesting analysis of where Apple is going - see this foolish article:   http://beta.fool.com/jaans/2012/08/18/understanding-apple-flash-new-high-where-it-going/9958/
I noticed the same.    It's okay to use a new dictation, but you Donwell better proofread it when you're done. :P   [posted using mountain lion dictation.]
"to quantify the extend of potential"   You guys need to prof reed!
I have found it to slow down my machine considerably. Not all the time, but there are long pauses at times when everything seems to be running in molases.    Mail seems to be part of it taking longer to do many tasks and inexplicably chewing up cpu usage.   Then there is the memory issue. I have to run Free Memory a LOT more often than before ( great utility - you should all have it) - and this brings the system to a halt.   Perhaps some of the power usage is...
Carriers will continue to support iPhone because THEY make money off of it. It has the lowest churn rate of any phone and churn costs them big time. Besides, every time a customer puts off upping his phone when the 2 year time is up for even a few months, the carrier wins big time.
This is a very clever system and should make things go smoother in the crowded stores.
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