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I don't ... and am happy that my devices no longer look like mocked up ridiculous leather binders and goofy digital shredders.
I can do without NBC content. Anything with the name Comcast turns my stomach.
As an Apple shareholder, let me explain ... I don't care.
35% is a a ridiculous number. Reduce it to 15% and watch all these companies bring the money back to the US and spend it on new stuff ... with the result of more jobs filled by people who ... guess what, pay taxes to the federal government. Our politicians are idiots. The corporate tax rate is too high ... way, too high. @anlogjack : "As long as it's applied properly to all companies, it is an excellent idea for governments the world over to tax multi mega million...
Being backed by Neil Young is completely meaningless. The Pono player is a complete waste of time and talent, and ... lots of money invested.
This is more about promoting David Muir the new anchor on Disney owned ABC than the Apple announcement.
Putin is weak because he fears the average citizen. Gee, what a surprise.
IDC and Gartner need to spend less time their cubicles making predictions based on databases and more time talking to real people and walking into real stores.
Excellent ... of course there will be the proverbial rash of complainers ... but I don't care, nor does Apple who once again steps in and fixes a problem with an elegant solution that will improve the users experience.
Geez I wish AI and others would start using actual arithmetic (1st grade math). Stop using a number over 100%. You can't have more than 100% of something (unless you're NASA and your engine is rated at 1 million pounds of thrust and you push it to 104% of that rating) even if others are losing money. Stop it.
New Posts  All Forums: