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BMW already does this with their audio (and I assume others do this too0, at least for broadcast stations. I never have to tune any stations as the system automatically finds all the stations for me and dynamically updates the list as I drive through them.
I would argue that very few companies can continue to operate not making money. Android may be winning the war, but will it will the battle? Tech journalists are historically fond of calling the demise of technologies and companies, but few get it right. We will see how all this plays out. I would also say that Google needs to be very careful. Microsoft demonstrably became the IBM of 1982 ... too fat, too slow, too much in its own way, and unable to innovate due to...
Unfortunately, we live in an instant news world, and that means instant opinions based on mostly nothing other than those who opine, feeling compelled to say something. It's also lazy reporting in some cases, with many making statements without so much as doing an ounce of actual journalism and research. Thurott is good example ... rather than saying 'let's see what happens', he simply reacted and without even touching the device. Some will blame Apple for the hype ......
Yes, Apple has really messed up ... as sales of millions upon millions of devices prove. Few people care about this.
MS has lost the tablet market. Though Surface has some nice features, hey are so far behind that I don't know how they expect to catch up. If you look at Zune and the Windows Phone, and now Surface, there is a pattern ... and that pattern is that they failed to produce something that people didn't think they needed. This is the brilliance of Apple product design and marketing that has buried Microsoft. And it's going to happen again ... predicting the Apple iWatch...
Tired of this. Vast resources are being wasted with all this legal wrangling on both sides.
TIme for some really great presents for the Cue family I'd say.
So I expect a new division created ... called Microhard.
Memo to President Obama: STOP spending money. That would really help.
I'm sure Windows 9 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 10 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 11 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 12 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 13 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 14 will fix everything. ... I'm sure Windows 32005122694083245123 will fix everything.
New Posts  All Forums: