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Which is why Ballmer should be shown the door ... MS has been for a very long time following, reacting, and running in circles it seems. We will see how the new tablet will do, and Windows 8 for that matter.
The new Phzune coming soon
As a shareholder, this is now a better organizational chart. iOS will be better for sure with Ivy directing Human UI, and who wouldn't want Mansfield there; he just looks like a hardware engineer you would want driving that.
A perfect portion of properly prepared scrambled eggs with correct moisture content is also difficult to produce. Of course, I can't make a call with my breakfast, so I suppose the iPhone 5 is a bit more challenging.
Must be a slow news day.
All software is released with bugs. Maps is no different.
As usual, an emotional response by traders and computers ... I could care less since I'm in Apple for the long term.
Guess they aren't aware of iPhone cases ... you know, the one's that come in dozens of colors and designs?
Or ... a better camera and photographers who don't understand light.
So there's a 5s now? I think not.
New Posts  All Forums: