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TIme for some really great presents for the Cue family I'd say.
So I expect a new division created ... called Microhard.
Memo to President Obama: STOP spending money. That would really help.
I'm sure Windows 9 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 10 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 11 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 12 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 13 will fix everything. I'm sure Windows 14 will fix everything. ... I'm sure Windows 32005122694083245123 will fix everything.
The Federal government is too big for too long. American's need to start demanding significant cuts in spending, or we will find ourselves so deep in a hole that the it will make peoples heads spin. You think living in Greece is fun right now? Our elected officials have been irresponsible, including this current president in borrowing another 6 trillion dollars in just 4 years. Stop blaming ... and start cutting.
Certainly MS needed to shake things up ... time will tell if this improves matters, but time is not something MS has a lot of these days.
It out performs the iPad 2. Is this supposed to impress people?
It's stupid to have corporations paying taxes. Corporations are pieces of paper. People pay taxes. Incomes taxes, taxes on investments, sales taxes, etc. Tax on profits should be eliminated ... businesses can either make additional profits which in turn are passed to shareholders, or spend it on capital or more employees.
Which is why Ballmer should be shown the door ... MS has been for a very long time following, reacting, and running in circles it seems. We will see how the new tablet will do, and Windows 8 for that matter.
The new Phzune coming soon
New Posts  All Forums: